Travel Map:


The Journey 

The journey started in the Thai capital, Bangkok, made its way slowly northwards to the small villages on its northernmost borders and finished on the stunning beaches in southern Thailand. 

Northbound, Bryan photographed the ancient capitals of the old kingdom of Siam, Ayuthaya and Sukhothai, then he turned westward toward the Myanmar (formerly Burma) border. First visiting the small city of Mae Sot, then northwards to Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son. These small cities and surrounding countryside contain large numbers of ethnic minorities, refugees that fled from Myanmar over the last two decades. Persecuted by the military regime and its "ethnic cleansing" within their home country, they sought exile in Thailand. Known as the "Hill Tribes", they are very different from the Thai people. All tribes wear their own typical clothing and speak their own language. Some are now Thai citizens, cultivating their own land while some wait for the conditions in Myanmar to improve to return to their homeland. After Mae Hong Son, Bryan travelled Northeast to the "Golden Triangle", famed for the cultivation of opium and production of heroin. Nowadays the Thai government has the situation more or less under control, subsidising alternative crops for the local people to plant. Even though the area is mostly known for its drug production, it is, in fact, extremely interesting. The borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar all meet here and China is only 263km away. 

Timing his arrival in Chiang Mai, the capital of the north, for the splendid annual "Flower Festival", Bryan was able to photograph this, one of the most spectacular festival in the region, recording many of the attractions such as the huge floats decorated entirely with flowers and carrying the candidates for the beauty contest "Queen of the Flower Festival". The festival lasts for three days and many participating florists exhibit their prize winning flowers, especially orchids. 

Flying directly from Chiang Mai, Bryan ended his journey in the southern coastal provinces of Phuket, Phang-Nga and Krabi. Crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery make the south a true paradise. There are many small islands with steep cliffs that rise up vertically from the sea and hundreds of caves with interesting rock formations. The area is excellent for diving, rock climbing, sailing or just lazing around on a beautiful, white sandy beach.