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The Journey

6 months, 8 countries and 19.000km overland…
That’s what “Beyond Indochina” is all about. Not just an exhibition, but an unforgettable journey.
From the erupting volcanoes of Java to the hot arid plains of Myanmar, landscapes, cultures and traditions are captured through the lens of simple 35mm camera.
Thailand was used as a base for visiting most neighboring countries but was also covered extensively by the photographer.
On the list of things “not to miss” were the three most important ruins in South East Asia (SEA), the never-ending horizons of Bagan, Myanmar (formerly Burma), the immensity of Ankor, Cambodia and the unique Borobudur, Java, Indonesia. All three proved to better than expected all a thousand years old and each with it’s own special character.
Hill Tribes are also a fascination for Bryan, especially the ones that remain in the remote corners of Laos (Yao, Akha, Hmong), Vietnam (Black Hmong, Flower Hmong) and refugees in Thailand (Akha, Lisu, Lahu, Paduang, Yao and Karen). The hill tribe markets were a place of inspiration and great early morning images.
The pristine beaches in the south of Thailand proved to be one of the highlights with the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea being the most impressive, regarded as one of the top ten places in the world to dive.
Diverse cultures and traditions were also captured. From the unique Hindu dances on the tiny island of Bali to the very wet “Songkran” festival (Thai New Year) in northern Thailand, where water fights are taken to the limits.
Impossible to miss, but still capture the eye (and the heart) every time are the temples and the brightly colored monks that exist in nearly all of SEA. They become part of the scenery, blending in harmoniously with their surroundings. Temples become a refuge from busy, noisy streets in Bangkok to a place to find company in some of the tiny countryside village.
Fascinating, spectacular and breathatking is the only way to sum up the SEA experience and, of course, the best way to share the experience is with photographs.