Bryan Parsley returned to Thailand in February 2005, this time to the south west cost coast and the turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea.
It was little more than a month after the Tsunami that hit the region on the 26th of December, 2004.
Bryan explored the area that was hit by this natural disaster that claimed the lives of over 300.000 people, more than 8000 in southern Thailand.
Some pictures were taken in the worst hit areas, like "Phuket" and "Khao Lak", where more than 3200 perished on one beach alone.
He also photographed the beautiful islands of "Koh Similan", "Koh Surin" and "Koh Bon" with their crystal clear waters and amazing marine life.
Bryan has created several exhibitions about Thailand and South East Asia, this exhibition's objective is to show the stunning beauty of this paradise after the Tsunami, not to show destruction, but to prove that the area has now recovered from this devastation. "The important thing now is to avoid a second disaster, if the tourists don't return, how will the locals survive? After all, a huge majority of the population depend on tourism to survive".










Map of the destruction caused by the

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